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Pause - Reconnect - Glow

At Valentina Costa Self-Care we want to see a world full of empowered women who embody their unique beauty and feel proud of it! Women who want to age gracefully, radiating their light and feeling beautiful and healthy inside and out. 

We give you the tools to create your own beauty rituals so you can slow down and bring back harmony, balance and sensuality into your life. Treat yourself a moment to regain your personal space, disconnect, enjoy and care for your skin with amazing and lasting results.

"Valentina Costa Self-Care was born spontaneously and fluidly, as a consequence of my own search and personal transformation.


Immersed in the world of beauty for more than 15 years, my life took a turn when I discovered practices such as gua sha, facial cupping and facial yoga that transformed my self-care routine and my skin."

– Valentina

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