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Facial Dry Brushes | The Venus Ritual®

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The Venus Ritual®

Facial dry brushes

Two brushes for facial dry brushing.


Made in Sweden sustainably and by hand by visually impaired artisans.


The oak handle of each brush is FSC certified in Sweden, and the goat hair bristles come from a chain of trusted suppliers in Mongolia from a region called Hebe.


The brushes come with a cotton bag and a brochure with information and a QR code with a free tutorial that teaches you how to use them.

Yours for:  83 USD  I  73.000 CLP


It stimulates collagen production

• Drains excess fluid, reducing bags and defining the facial oval.

• Decongests (cleans paranasal sinuses)

• Reduces expression lines

• Firms and smoothes the skin

• Gently exfoliates, removing dead cells

• Illuminates and gives an even tone

• Softens the skin

• Treats and prevents inflammation (pimples, blackheads, etc.)

• Improves absorption of cosmetics

• Suitable for the most sensitive skin

What is it about?  As soon as we wake up, we brush our face, stimulating the lymphatic system, to drain fluids and toxins, decongest the skin and eliminate dead cells from the surface. The result? In just a few minutes, soft, radiant and healthy skin. Unlike the circulatory system (which has the heart to pump and move blood through the body), the lymphatic system does not have a pump to move lymph, which is why it depends on our movements and massages to circulate and activate. The ritual Do your ritual in the morning with a dry face, without having applied any product, before or immediately after the shower. Use very gentle pressure and short strokes to stimulate the rhythm of the lymphatic vessels, which are located just under the skin, very superficially. Precautions: Use only on dry skin. Do not use on irritated, very sensitive, broken or sunburned skin. How to clean them? Facial brushes DO NOT get wet. Once a week clean your brushes by sprinkling the bristles with cornstarch. This will absorb excess fat. Shake them out and they are ready to use again.

®2024 VCSPatent pending

Yours for:  83 USD  I  73.000 CLP

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