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Face Yoga Introductory Course
Face Yoga Introductory Course

Face Yoga Beginners Program

If you are new to Face Yoga this is where you should start!

*Courses in Spanish are available. For dates see the Spanish version of this website.

The Face Yoga course for beginners is a 5 week program designed to activate and awaken the more than 50 muscles of your face, neck and skull. Many of these muscles are atrophied, tense, and have lost volume, so by activating them you release tension and at the same time tone, lift and sculpt your face, achieving a luminous skin and a rejuvenated look.

During the course of the program you will also learn about facial anatomy, types of ageing and how Face Yoga can benefit your health and general well-being according to chinese medicine and facial mapping.

Details • Every week you will have a live class with Valentina. • In each session you will learn 3 new exercises step by step and guided by Valentina, so that you learn the correct technique and feel confident in what you are doing. • After the class, you will be able to download a PDF with each new exercise and you will practice throughout the week. • The following week, we will review the exercises learned in the previous class before continuing with the new ones. • The 15 exercises in the program are introduced in a specific order and over the course of 5 weeks to allow your face to activate and atrophied muscles to wake up for the best results.


Limited Spots

Note: This course has no prerequisite.


Face Yoga 1-1 Online Consultation

Face Yoga 1-1 Online Consultation

An hour-long 1-on-1 online consultation is perfect for those who have already completed the beginners program and want to personalise their routine.

It is important to know the exercises and have your muscles activated before the session. In this hour you will learn what is your gravitation type, which areas require more attention and how to structure your workouts to obtain the best results, including the cardio version of the exercises in the program.

Also, you will be taught advanced exercise options, acupressure techniques, and massage just for your face.

What is included ​ • 1 hour session • Warm up, workout and cool down massage • Receive a complete facial diagnosis • Learn how to continue your training with a personalized sequence • Repeat all exercises • Ask questions


Note: Beginners Face Yoga Course is a prerequisite.

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